Friday, 21 October 2011

WoW: pandas... /facepalm

Well with 3 days left on my month's sub news comes in that the new Expansion will feature a new race Pandas and a new class Monks.

Too cute by far for me, it killed my will to play. I tried logging in and playing and actually got to an instance but I couldn't face it any more and logged off halfway through.

I feel like the Warhammer-based dark fantasy has become a game aimed at toddlers.

It's not the first sign of course, draenai are basically smurfs and the cash shop pony is My Little Pony, the Goblin starter area is very much designed to entertain young children.

But enough is enough. WoW is simply not a game for my demographic any more.


  1. Bye bye WoW. It was a fun time. But this game is not even remotely the game I started to play six years ago.

    Just made a vid about me deleting all my chars.

  2. I agree as well! However i'm just interested in Diablo III. Much thanks to all your Diablo postings too.

  3. I loved the Mists of Pandaria Preview Trailer ( Music, epic voice, general hype for something that keeps being reskinned and recycled to death.

    Still... Blizzard are kings in terms of hyping and marketing.

  4. They are either trying to cater to China, or trying to kill off WoW. Or both.

  5. I honestly don't get why players are so upset, angry and overall "offended" by the announcement.

    Everyone points out how this expansion is "childish" and makes WoW less "serious".

    People tend to forget that WoW IS a childish videogame, with some more-adult content too. It's not a clever game for old people who look for something to feed their intellect.

    It's a game about dragons, goblins, orcs and so on. Adding a panda wont make that difference and let's be honest: the environments are awesome, unless you hate the asian mood of course.

  6. My thought was "Huh - they're targeting our kids."

    The original players are growing up, maybe they still think fondly about the game but don't have time to play it as much as they used to.

    Maybe they have kids.

    Collect minipets, have battles! (Pokemon...)

  7. I'm actually not that fussed about the pandas - at least they're rooted in Warcraft's (admittedly goofy) lore. To be honest, they don't strike me as looking or sounding any stupider than the tauren. No, what came out of Blizzcon that killed any lingering itch to return to WoW is the news that they're finally killing the last vestiges of choice and individuality in their talent system. I don't mind if my character looks like a panda or a big cow, but at the point where I have no meaningful choices in their development then it's not actually my character at all...

  8. On a side note, I bet pandas wont display the full gear, much like moonkins, bears and cats. They are too fat for that...