Wednesday 22 June 2011

Eve: a new order in New Eden

Walking in stations

Eve Online expansion Incarna is here, the long-awaited walking in stations content patch. And you can, actually, walk in stations. Not terribly far and as yet there's no point to it. You are on your own, you by default stand before a table with various machines on that open up all the menus Eve players are used to including a ship tool. You can leave your table walk back into the hangar look around and find - a ship tool! It's the same as the one on your desk but it's in your hangar.

Movement is WASD and feels rather clunky. I guess I'll have to get used to keyboard turning again.

Action Man is here!

Most Eve players I imagine spent a couple of minutes looking around and then turned their attention elsewhere. Where, you ask? To the new wardrobe feature, a cash shop that allows you to buy very expensive cosmetic clothing. There's already been a certain amount of uproar about the prices but oddly enough not about the look. The reason I find it odd no one's mentioned the look is because it is a very Nazi look.

Goose-stepping in stations

You can have a monacle reminiscent of the Prussian Officer Corp. You can have a shirt that describes itself as olive but is very dark, reminiscent of Black Shirts. And you can set the whole thing off with a pair of jackboots.

They've been rather naughty too with some of the descriptions. The monacle strongly implies in-game advantage:

A common implant found throughout New Eden, the Looking Glass ocular implant offers vision enhancement or replacement beyond the capabilities of low-profile prosthetics. Filters, lenses, NeoCom interface, and blackbox video recorders are all standard issue with this implant.

Naturally I felt I must make my own quiet protest about this trend so I did it in a time-honoured Eve fashion - exploiting the customers.

I did this buy buying plex which are sky-rocketing on Jita but still just under 400m in more remote regions. I bought 5 and cashed them in for Aurum.

So if  400m isk buys 3500A = 114286 isk per A

Monacle (12000A) = 1 371 429 isk

Platinum Blouse (4400A) = 502 857 isk

Jackboots (1000A) = 114 286 isk

I added 20% for my trouble and listed them at Jita. The monacles are already being offered much cheaper as a wave of similar profiteers all strive to undercut each other. I'm not too worried about not being lowest, I think these will sell out later in the week.

The blouse market was empty, I'm the only seller there.

The boots have shot downwards in a vicious fury of undercutting. They are now going for less than the plex value. No doubt it will sort itself out in time and mine will eventually shift. Not much else I could have done with 1100 points.

Like all fashions this market will be heavily influenced by what players see of other players. The monacle's good because it shows up in Local, as does the blouse. But people won't really start buying them until they see other people wearing this stuff. There may be a buying frenzy soon or it may wait until walking in stations has a bit more point to it. When you can walk past other people in stations this market will spike.

Probing - just when you thought you were safe!

Another interesting little feature of this patch is that previously unscannable ships are now scannable. This has been done by introducing a cap just above unscannability. Unscannability used to be achieved by getting your sensor strength very high relative to your signature radius, in other words taking a low sig radius ship and putting ECCMs on it.

As well as the cap you can now analyse points from more probes - up to 8 with Astrometrics 5. Essentially this just makes scanning easier.

It's still going to be very difficult to scan down ECCM fit T3 cruisers but the days of afk running guristas missions with local full of hostiles are likely to end.

The effect of this cap will for the most part be more psychological than actual. I don't think many previously unscannable ships will be in all that much danger. However players will think they can't mission or rat safely and so change their patterns.

In terms of the market this means more expensive pirate ships as there will be less loyalty points generated. If you've a few bill hanging around you don't know what to do with you could do worse than turning it into Machariels.

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