Friday, 1 April 2011

Rift: the PvP purifier, Screenshots.

This shot shows how a Purifier scores on a typical match with a reasonably strong team. It's sorted by healing done and my score of 71K Healing Done is totally eclipsed by the top players who have around 160K Healing Done. However look at the first number - number of times carrying the Fang. I'm on 3 and no one else got close to that. What's more 2 of mine were where I picked up the Fang while it was surrounded by enemies - the ability to shield myself then pick it up while people are aoeing it is a game winner. Our other Fang Carriers in this game just took it after I dropped it.

Another game - same pattern. It wasn't a fluke :-)

Here I am in Whitefall Steppes. This is a map where strong single target healing and shielding is exceptionally useful. It's key that your stone carrier not die. Also note the chat window. We like each other.

My favourite Fang holding spot. I've spent a lot of time here aoe healing. I'm actually Warden specced in this shot.

I dps-ed this match. Top on damage! Woot! but we lost.... I know! I'll blame everyone else. After all it can't be anything I did (like never taking the Fang or healing anyone) because I was clearly the best player. Everyone else must have been noobs and that must be the reason we lost.

I respecced to Purifier. Seems to be working in this Codex match. (It's great for running in and tagging the Codex while everyone else dukes it out).

Another Fang win. I was carrying the Fang (which is how points get scored) for 2 minutes 44 seconds in this one. The rest of my team managed 24 seconds between the lot of them.

I know! I'll hide behind the tentacle and heal myself - they'll never think to look for me here. Bizarrely this works. Oh and remember when I said before a PvP Purifier should keep moving. I exaggerated, finding a safe spot near the front line and spamming Healing Flame works fine. (But every PvP Purifier should be good at moving healing - it's one of our unique strengths).



This time I sorted the results by Number of Times Carrying the Fang. Guess who's top?

Some matches are just tremendous encouraging everyone to give their best. This one went right to the wire.

Look here at the hotkeys I have - all greyed out except the PvP ability Break Free. It's VERY useful for this role. It's one of the key talents, you aren't a pvp purifier without the Templar soul.

 And here I am at 50. The build still works even at Prestige Rank 0 against well-geared players.


  1. Going to have to try this when I get time to play Rift again

  2. They should really include shield absorbed damage in healing score, or another tab if they prefer.

  3. I think you can set ACT to include shield absorbs in healing in an options panel somewhere. Which would allow you to post correct data if you wanted to brag.