Saturday, 1 January 2011

WoW: inculcating a culture of civility, one noob at a time

Further adventures in the LFD, this time I'm healing in Stratholme. The pulls are rather silly, 2 packs at a time that leave me low on mana after each one. After 3 we're at Fras Siabi and I ask for a mana break. The tank says ok and I sit down to drink.

Naturally someone pulls the boss and before I can even start healing one of the dps is dead and the tank almost dead. We wipe, and a storm of name-calling ensues in my direction.

I run back into the instance with the rest, explain that they shouldn't have pulled in a mana break and the mood is unforgiving. At this point I decide it will be more entertaining to me if I give them an object lesson on courtesy rather than chase frantically after them playing keep-up.

I explain that they really shouldn't be rude to people if they want heals and announce I'm going afk for coffee and will be back in 10 minutes. The ensuing conversation was so entertaining I stayed to talk to them rather than make it

H: come here
Me: no thanks I'd rather slack until you lot decide to kick me
H: omgg
H: !!!!
Me: besides Undercity is very scenic at this time of year
H: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
H: ...
B: -.-
H: fast
Me: look, if we wipe we wipe but if I get all this noob and retard bullshit I dont heal you
Me: it's a game we all play for fun
Me: learn how to play nicely with other people
B: M I dont give a fuck xD
M: you cant really force me to do anything
M: and calling me a retard is not going to motivate me
B: M leave then we can seek new healer ..
Me: kick me, dont want cooldown
Me: because of dickheads
B: eat mah dick ??
H: healer ..
M: yes mate?
H: come here
B: dam it -.- lets just be happey nd finish the dungeon
Me: I bear grudges
Me: eat my dick, next sentence is lets be happy and finish
Me: not a winning combination
B: gowd M its a game xD !!
Me: :)
Me: i know i'm enjoying myself immensely
B: and ur like the winning combo for being a FAIL !!!
Me: i dont go looking for trouble but if people call me noob after they fuck up I take enormous pleasure in trolling them
Me: I'm quite happy to do this for hours
B: bye bye asshole ^^
B: xD
Me: i like to think I'm improving wow
Me: by encouraging civility
Me: and consideration for other people
Me: I'm a philanthropist really
Me: consider yourselves my good deed for the day
Me: awesome I've driven S to log off
Me: I love myself
B: haha u suck
Me: he he
B logs off
Me: and another one!
Me: 2-0
Vote kick goes up for S, a disconnected player. I vote yes and it passes.
Me: awesome
The rest leave

I seem to have managed the singular feat of rolling both Troll and Tauren on the same character!


  1. Hah, nice going. I've been tempted to do similar more than once playing a tank. I usually (if they're really bad) get us past a boss so I won't get the debuff for leaving, pull a group or two, and then drop. Asshats need lessons in civility just like this. Bravo!

  2. Fine work!

    Alas, four people taught to be civil, three million seven hundred thousand left to go...

  3. If there were a million more of you, maybe some of these jerks would stop PuGging, or learn some manners. Well played, hats off.

  4. Hilarious stuff, as always. I've no inclincation to play WOW... but just like I watch movies about Hollywood people... I read your stuff just to see how the other half lives. Good work; great post.!

  5. I made a little experiment here

    during lower levels of play.

    I'm not sure it actually WORKED, mind, but it did make random PUGs more amusing even when they were crappy people...

    Give it a try, see if it works for you! XD

  6. Thanks for the link. You have a very nice blog, I'm adding you to my blogroll.

    I suspect your sample size was too small to draw conclusions from but it was certainly an interesting experiment.