Friday, 3 December 2010

Eve: Design a starship contest

A quick heads up for everyone that Eve is running a Design a Starship Contest. Prizes are pretty good - as well as a bag of swag which includes an ipad you get $900 for first place, $750 for second place, and $500 for third place.

Perhaps even nicer the winner's ship will become part of Eve. Considering the recent ship designs have been of really high quality - the Noctis/Primae, the beautiful Scorpion reskin - it means you will be in illustrious company if your design is chosen.

Personally I won't take part, my art skills are terrible. Well I might because every entry brings a gift from CCP but it will be a terrible entry.

But I really applaud this move - it's good for the fans, it's good for the sponsor ( and it's good for CCP. It's good for the fans because it's interesting rewarding and exciting. Even non-participants like me will watch the contest with interest and cheer on any of my friends who take part. It's good for the sponsor because it's very high visibility marketing for a relatively cheap cost. The prizes are generous but I don't think they will cost even a small fraction of a Mr T ad while being every bit as memorable and considerably less dorky. (Yes, I did call Mr T dorky. This is probably related to the fact he doesn't know where I live). And it's good for CCP because the fans' excitement will spill over into the corporate culture and it's nice to have something to talk about that is positive. Plus it will keep the staff artists sharp, I'm sure there will be some fabulously high quality entries.

Eve being Eve I'm just waiting for someone to start scamming - I wonder how many newbies will buy a "shortlisted ship design" for iskies in Jita.


  1. I believe you mean to refer to the new contest which came to being due to the controversy from the Deviant Art (DA) contest. It was reported that the DA decision did not reflect the EvE community and thus the controversy.

  2. I was just referring to what I thought was the correct link for the contest advertised when I logged in to Eve yesterday. Got a link to more details?

  3. Art contest? Spaceships? Curse my busy schedule. This is right up my alley.