Sunday, 1 August 2010

Eve: My little lizard

I picked up another new toy, something of the opposite extreme to my last fit.

The Gila is a pirate ship which I purchased for 130 million isk in Jita. It's basically a drone version of the Drake.

I bought it partly because I couldn't take my Drake into a complex I wanted to run (cruisers and below). Partly because I love passive shield tanking and wanted to try out another passive shield tank ship. And partly because I'm playing two versions of Eve and want to be able to do virtually nothing on my second screen while still obliterating my mission.

I've just flown it down to where my friend who has just started Eve is running missions. We tried a couple of level 3s earlier and the second was really scary with his tank.

I'm in a level 3 as I type and it's hilarious to watch. My drones are obliterating everything, my passive shield tank is at 89% with the Invulnerability Field switched off.

This is my fit for laid back missioning/looting. If I wanted a more intense play style I could put missile launchers in the high slots.

Gila (Guristas Cruiser)

2 Small Tractor Beam Is
2 Salvager Is
Drone Link Augmentor I

Drone Navigation Computer I
10 MN Afterburner II
Invulnerability Field II
3 Large Shield Extender IIs

4 Shield Power Relays

3 Medium Core Defence Field Purger Is

The mighty passive shield recharges 215 hit points per second, starts at 13838 hit points total and takes 160 seconds to fully recharge from empty. Resists are 23/38/54/62 with the invulnerability field off or 44/56/67/72 . Effective hit points are 23 913 or 30786 with the invulnerability field.

I've discovered I need one missile launcher. I'll drop the drone range thingy for it. Otherwise the only way I can wake packs is by bumping them. My tactic for level 3s so far has been bump into one mob from every pack not yet woken up then tank the entire room while typing a blog post. My drones finished killing everything 2 paragraphs ago.

To my immense amusement I even attracted a tourist. Some guy in an Ishtar flew into my mission to watch me for a bit.


  1. It just dawned on me that I didn't thank you for giving me a day-long earworm to the tune of the "My little pony" theme.

    Thanks. Really. ;)

  2. Ha ha ha. Come to Eve little girl, we has sparkle ponies (kind of).

  3. Oh, that sounds like great fun. I might manage to get more posts done if I passively let my drones do all the work whilst blogging.

  4. Yup, it is.

    The Dominix is a more conventional way of doing the same thing.

  5. resists over buffer for missions, use battleclinic pls, 2 invulns 2 extenders = more ehp + higher resists!