Friday, 1 January 2010

SWTOR: Gungan Rap Stars

As a tongue in cheek remark to Melmoth I mentioned making a Gungan rapper guild in Star Wars: The Old Republic. His enthusiasm and warmth has convinced me this is a good idea.

We're probably about a year off the launch of the game. Plenty of time to learn the Gungan vocabulary and practice sliding across a stage in front of your bedroom mirror.

Here is a Gungan to English dictionary:

Meesa speak-a da Gungan.

Here is a guide to rapping

How to write rap lyrics.

Obviously it will be a hardcore pvp guild for players who like fighting against extreme odds. But that's ok because...

We's da Gungans and we's always up fer da crunchen,
In da mornin or when we is tongue-grabben our lunchen,
So join da Gunga posse and pee vee pee wit da Masters,
Wit our light sabres or with our tack-tic-all nuker,
We is puttin' down our enemies super-fasters,
Dem all goin' up in a great big bodooka!

Thank you, thank you, peace out!


  1. I always wondered what the 'g' in G-funk stood for. Now, I unfortunately know.

    Accursed Gungans, now they're ruining music too.

  2. You-sa better believe it, babies!

  3. I was trying for a second verse, but I'm stuck at Point 4 of the wikiHow trying to figure out how "kill for" and "still roll" rhyme...

  4. Simple. Pick a random vowel in the words for and roll and don't pronounce anything after.

    (cf mofo).