Friday, 23 October 2009

Gaming: is it fashionable?

Terra Nova visited the issue of gaming as a social stigma today after an article on the subject in the UK Guardian.

Here's my take:

It's about sex.

When game designers (or even game academics) become the kind of superstars women want to date it won't be a stigma.

It's already happened to Football. When I grew up in the UK people who actually went to stand in the rain on a Saturday afternoon were called "anoraks" (a pejorative term akin to "nerd", also a kind of coat worn by sad nerds who stand in the rain on Saturday afternoon watching football or spotting trains) and mocked. Then once footballers started getting huge pay packets and appearing on random TV as celebrities they became sex symbols ultimately leading to the phenomenon known as David Beckham.

In thirty years time female fashion icons will be looking for game designers to marry. Non-gamers will be misusing gamer jargon at parties to get laid.

Don't believe me?

Compare and contrast these two images:

This is the image of a modern game designer:

This is the image of a successful woman

Are they not two worlds on a collision course?

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