Saturday, 4 July 2009

Stabbed Up

Welcome to Stabbed Up.

I decided that since I'm a game hopper and an altoholic my previous attempts at blogging based on a particular game or character class were too limited.

Well actually they were hopelessly optimistic. Ah Death Knight, this is the class I will play forever!

How long have I known me again? Long enough not to believe that tripe for a moment. Yet still I feel for it. Sigh.

Stabbed Up is a play on the name of some of my characters as well as my blogging handle, Stabs.

Stabbed Up is a London expression for knived, giving the blog an element of violence which fits quite neatly into its topic of video game.

Stabbed Up is reminiscent of stitched up, London slang for betrayed. Like most emo game nerds I am constantly being betrayed by game developers who fix their game just as I was enjoying some particular loophole or over-powered class. Sniff.

I hope you enjoy reading.


  1. Welcome back to blogging!

    I hope this will be the permenent home you've been hoping for. I'll pop by here later on and see how you're doing!


  2. I know I'm commenting on like you very first post... but ALL OF THIS TIME I thought Stabbed Up meant "all the lowslots fitted with WCS" IE all Warp Stabilizers... in EVE slang... All Stabbed Up...

    Which is like the COMPLETE opposite of a the violent image of a 'stabbing'...
    more like Maximum Risk Aversion... Man did I have THAT bassackwards all these years!!!