Friday, 12 April 2013

HBC: the fallout

So the dust is settling over the latest drama.

Cuddly badgers

Sort Dragon's corp from Pandemic Legion has left that alliance to help him in his role as leader of the HBC. That gives him the ability to lead the coalition as a blue while leaving Pandemic Legion with the option to reset the rest of the HBC for a more target-rich environment.

TEST have found out that certain behaviours and traditions that have been part of their modus operandi aren't in fact standard and universal in Eve. Then gone back to writing porn fanfic about it.

Pandemic Legion seem to be doing some soul-searching. The organisational philosophy that suited them when they didn't log on all that much and got rich off passive moon income may not be suitable for the coming Eve where nullsec alliances get their income from legions of ratters and ring miners. They're the last and perhaps the greatest of the old elite pvp alliances like BoB etc and we're seeing what an amazing juggling act their management has performed to keep them diplomatically successful while retaining their rottweiler personality.

DAWWW (TEST's feeder alliance) has been tidied up with some inactives purged and some of the busier corps making the grade to move on up. I'm delighted to say that our corp SEDNA is one of the ones joining the big boys' alliance.

I'm really pleased, feels like a reward for a big effort. Some fleets we've had 5 in and there's only been 20 others from the rest of the coalition. And that's with 10 of us logged on, 5 of which are non pvping alts.

And the random violence is set to intensify as management keeps hunting for new and better ways to find us fights.

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