Monday, 8 April 2013

Eve: a sample after action report

 I've been FCing fleets and to make it more fun I asked my corp for sponsors, got 180 million which is enough for half a dozen fit Fed Navy Comets and then started running police themed frigate roams. These are great fun and people have got quite into the light roleplay of it. I'll say things like "there's a four eleven in progress at the junction of NOL and PR tack", all units proceed to destination and off we go looking for people to fight.

Here's my after action report on the roam I led tonight. We raced all over Fountain looking for trouble and we certainly found it!

Fleet was slightly late starting due to a defensive fleet against a Darkness. T3 cruiser gang, Pizza gang DnD gang all around NOL-FWST area. Police roam was unable to engage these fleets due to a lack of supporting SWAT teams. So when we did form we proceeded to Fountain.

Fleet patrolled as far as 3WE when an Algos was spotted in pursuit of an act of criminal trespass. A trap was set on the 4-E gate but suspect eluded capture and got into warp. All units engaged in hot pursuit finally apprehending suspect in DB-.

We then proceeded in an orderly but swift mannner to YZ- where we apprehended an Enyo who was caught red-handed committing unspeakable crimes against innocent space goats.

Unfortunately our lawful and righteous arrest attracted the attention of other members of his criminal gang who attempted to waylay our heroic officers. We valorously defeated a Tempest but several officers gave their lives to bring him to justice.
Tempest kill:
Battle report:

Their sacrifice will be remembered.

This time picking the Most Valued Officer was super hard. Navicerts did some great work scouting for us. JubbadahuT and Nordika put out great deeps. Arlaya DuSharpe got a fantastic tackle on the Algos and its pod and held point on the other two ships. And Hiu Dark got the kills on the Tempest and the Enyo and tackled the Enyo.

The only possible decision considering we had two such outstanding contributions from Arlaya and Hiu was to award two prizes. Grats to the winners!

Great job everyone!

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