Friday, 5 April 2013

Eve: emergent ship fitting

One thing that's notable about the HBC is that people are very quick to scoop loot from the fallen. Large pvp battles often litter the field with wrecks, many containing valuable tech 2 or even faction modules.

People are also judged to some extent on killboards so getting a hit in as ships die is prized.

Eve of course is a game which evolves in line with player creativity so it was not surprising that someone eventually came up with a cruiser fit with:
2 tractor beams
2 salvagers
a gun for getting on killmails with
2 cargo expanders
2 salvage rigs.

Sadly this paragon of inventiveness was brutally commissared by an unsympathetic fleet commander.

"Don't loot while we're fighting" he said

His ship may be dead but hopefully his fit will live on in immortality.


  1. As a member of the fleet in which that incident took place, I can report that his crime was not simply plinking for killmails and scooping loot.

    The fleet in question was forming up and expecting very heavy resistance, and the FC was trying to get as many Foxcat platforms as possible; he'd ordered people to drop fleet unless they were in doctrine ships, in order to free up slots for more Foxcats.

    And tempers were short; there had already been an incident of someone deciding to be a jokester and setting off a smartbomb fit to his Apoc in the middle of the Foxcat battle line, screwing up the job of the logi pilots. Add the tensions of a high-TiDi fight and the inherent problems of herding a full 255-pilot fleet deep in hostile territory, and the salvage pilot didn't really have much of a prayer.

    1. Thanks for filling me in Marc. I was being facetious, the FC was well within his rights to commissar this guy. It's still a hilarious fit though.

  2. Looking at the killmail value it's not a bad idea to follow fleets with a dedicated salvager. Especially after a battle with say a T3 fleet there is plenty to scoop.