Saturday, 6 April 2013

Eve: DUST514 bonuses

EVE bonuses for owning districts:

Since this information only exists in random posts around the forums and a video I wanted to get it in a more central and verifiable location.
There will be three EVE bonuses, one for each SI. The bonuses will be as follows:
  • A bonus to the manufacturing time of Player Owned Starbase (POS) around that planet.
  • A bonus to the fuel consumption of POS around that planet.
  • A bonus to Planetary Interaction (PI) output on that planet.
We are not at this point ready to disclose which SI these bonuses are attached to, their exact percentages, or how the stacking of them will work.
We can say that the bonuses will apply to all members of your corporation and the other corporations in your alliance. As in yes, these are alliance wide bonuses. :)


Oh my. DUST514 just got real for Eve players.

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