Friday, 9 April 2010

WoW: new purchasable pet - only $100!

It's April but no, it's not the first.

If you love WoW and Starcraft then good news - inside your copy of Starcraft 2 collector's edition will be a mini Thor pet.

If you love WoW and hate Starcraft then it will cost you $100 to buy Starcraft 2 collector's edition, add your pet to your WoW character then bin the game.


  1. Or you could wait for someone like me, who loves Starcraft but hates WoW, to probably end up holding a contest of some sort on their blog with the prize being said WoW code.

  2. I still don't understand the significance of cosmetic companions in World of Warcraft...

  3. @ James sounds good, hope the WoW pet-lovers take note and add Inanity and Doom to their blog rolls. Nice looking blog btw.

    @Bronte it's completionism. Half the times people do these insane grinds or pay money to get a pet and then leave it unsummoned, forgetting to ever bring it out.

  4. @James and Stabs: Sorry, no can do, the SE of ScII will be locked to your account.