Thursday, 1 April 2010

SWTOR: Beta pass giveaway

I've been given 5 keys to pass on.

If you want one please tell me in under 25 words how heroic Gungans are. The 5 most over-the-top descriptions will win.

Edit: April Fool!

But big thanks to everyone who sportingly participated!


  1. Gungans are awesome because they fight with paintballs. Giant glowy paintballs.

  2. Gungans used to be on TV, and they used to be called the Dinosaurs. THAT is heroism.

  3. Oh fishyface!! with your ear flaps so frightfully frightful, and your teeth bared in defiance of the dastardly devious sea monsters, I salute you! Refrigerator

  4. Gungans are...wait a minute, isn't todat April 1st?

  5. They accused us of stereotyping, but we were the ones out there fighting. When Naboo was threatened, we were beckoned. We and Ani are winners!

  6. April Fool!

    Awesome efforts guys, really sporting of you!

    If by some million to one chance Bioware do in fact give me keys I know to whom I'll send them.

    A surer bet would be signing up on this site:

    Good luck and thanks!

  7. If you have some one invite, please give me on

  8. Sorry friend, this was a joke thread.