Thursday, 26 March 2015

Nullsec heats up

Things remain lively in Catch as a succession of enemies roam the region hoping BRAVE will form up. We're a little battered at the moment to form consistently against HAC and faction cruiser gangs however so often these enemies are reduced to fighting each other or simply getting blueballed and leaving.

BRAVE is adjusting lethargically to its new location in HED. Ship contracts and market seeding are significantly worse than they were in GE-, the instability seems to be making importers nervous. Also HED is in some ways quite awkward to export to, despite having a direct high sec connection. The Keberz - HED-GP connection is physically very long, more than the 10 AU of a jump freighter's range so you can't jump goods to HED easily. As this map shows to jump to HED you have to start in nullsec, in fact coming from empire HED is 3 jumps by jump freighter unless you stage in hostile space. Alternatively you can take the Keberz gate in a Badger or something - good luck on running an industrial through nullsec's most heavily camped gate in nullsec's most violent system!

On top of that persistent rumours are flying that we are to deploy soon but no official word is out and our leader's laptop just packed up delaying a promised SOTC for BRAVE and leading us in the dark.

Meanwhile BRAVE has lost its last 9 timers including the armour timer for 4M- which lost the system to PL. We have 2 very important timers coming up within the next 24 hours - both station systems, both strategically vital. A bad day could spell the beginning of the loss of Catch.

If BRAVE is languishing in disorganisation that's certainly not true of the CFC. Following NC./BL's rather pathetic "invasion" of Fountain, an effort that melted away in the teeth of a full CFC deployment, Mittens with apparent (but unlikely) spontaneity declared he was bored and wanted to twist the knife in his enemies.

(5:35:05 PM) directorbot: I'm back from Fanfest and I'm FUCKING BORED - this 'invasion' we faced last week was the most laughably, pathetically weak attempt at our shit in years, and that says something. For too long we've been dealing with our foes thinking they can assault us and get away with these 'fake invasions' for funsies.
It's almost April. It's ~that season~. Who's up for a bit of bloody-handed, oldschool reprisal? Get your face-stomping boots on boys. We're not going to ~take space~ but we might make some 'freeports' or just give shit to Pizza, whatever. I have literally no idea except this urge to twist the knife and we're going to do exactly that.
~~~ This was a broadcast from the_mittani to all at 2015-03-25 16:35:52.410841 EVE ~~~

This seems to be the announcement of an invasion of Delve, a move that seems likely to go well for the CFC and badly for the N3 pets currently living there. EN24's analysis is that NC. is already committed on 2 other fronts and is badly positioned to fight off an invasion. Their ally in the "Fountain War" seem to have already found something more fun to do - trolling TEST - and there seems to be no good reason why PL would come save N3.

So we will probably see a lead in to Fozziesov that sees nullsec's largest super-power demonstrating its superiority in rather unstoppable style. A pretty good advert for joining the bigger gang if you don't want your space kicked in timed just as the revamp hoping to encourage small alliance ownership of sov enters play.


  1. Yep. organization skills is the difference betweent he CFC and any would-be challengers. Also the fact that other organizations are more like coalitions while while the CFC is simply Goons + Pet alliances.

    Love how I read a post yesterday about not giving anyone goodfites while one of the reasons I left the CFC was because I wasn't interested in those same goodfites anymore, only in strategic objectives.

    1. Heh I left the CFC in search of good fights. Certainly found them in Catch!