Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Eve: FCing my first fleet for Test

[ROAM] Shoot spacehips

Fleet Name: Kill Kill Kill
FC: Callduron (my first Test fleet)
TEST Mumble Op
Close range shield cruisers ] T1 logi ] else
NOL @ 00.30
Duration: 2 HOURS
Reimbursable: No

We formed up in NOL and people were pretty helpful. A lot of people wanted to bring canes so the isk on the table rose but if they want to lose BCs on a non reimbursable T1 cruiser fleet then fair enough I thought. jorSbalZla Bazinga brought a scythe and after much persuasion we got two other guys to man up and fly scythes. Jors was logi anchor for the first time and did a fantastic job, all logi were brought home safely.

Intel map was flashy red all over and my first plan was to head for KEE- where there was a big gate camp.Then word came of a Goon 30 man gang in 5v- so that sounded perfect as we were exactly 30 so sounded like a good time. We headed for the HM- jb and met this dude from Broken Toys.
You're broken now fucker.

We got to K-6 and as we landed on the W-K gate. There was a Snigg gang on the other side so I had us wait and let them jump into us. We then brawled them back and forth around K-6, QY6 D-3 for best part of an hour. We got some shiny kills and lost quite a few ships:

The butcher's bill was quite a reasonable trade-off but at the time it sounded like we were dying in dozens. The ships we lost were T1 frigs and cruisers or higher ships that people asked to bring and said they didn't mind losing. At one point a guy asked us to help him fetch an apoc stuck in 319 so we went and got it, then got into d-3 only to have them on the K-6 gate. I suggested he get it safe but he fancied staying for the fight and trusted in his microjump drive. A rapier jumped in and I warned him he was probably being prepped but he decided to risk it anyway. Oops

At one point I was asked to coordinate with a black ops gang and Dmitri tried to coordinate that but neither me nor the other FC had a command key set up. I'll get that fixed for next time, it may have contributed to their blops drop going badly. Sorry.

I figured out a lot of things I didn't know with some great advice from the fleet. Pressing X apparently broadcasts my target - who knew? I did a lot of bouncing which while brutal on people's drones got us some kills when I got it right. One particularly boss bounce to the sun then back to the gate at 100 landed 3km off the closest ship.

Eventually we lost all our webbers and couldn't kill ships that were kiting us. So I called it even though the boys were still hungry for blood. We weren't going to kill anything else.

We had a great time and people loved the fleet. One newbro reshipped four frigates, one guy ran out of frigates and came back to fight fucking PL in a Velator which is probably the most shobon thing I've ever seen in Eve.

It was an honour and a pleasure flying with them, everyone was utterly awesome but above all I'd like to mention Jors who was the reason why a bunch of newbros in kitchen sink t1 cruisers beat an elite Sniggwaffe cynabal gang.


  1. "One newbro reshipped four frigates, one guy ran out of frigates and came back to fight fucking PL in a Velator which is probably the most shobon thing I've ever seen in Eve."

    I hope you guys are showering these bloody heroes in ISK.

    1. I hope we are. I'm in the process of sorting out some giveaways.

      I checked afterwards and it wasn't a velator, it was an ibis. and they killed it. So he went and got another one.

      His performance for the night was one cynabal tackled and killed, 2 rifters, a pod and an ibis lost. I think he won the isk war :)