Tuesday 15 January 2013

Eve market blogs

I’m with Jester. There are no market blogs in Eve. Any new players reading here and wondering what to do in this glorious sandbox should note the following path to fame and fortune:

- sell plex (grinding sucks)

- pvp all day every day. If you get blown up you can see on the killboard it was only like 20p. Just sell a plex and you can buy a hundred of them.

- dump loot quickly. There’s always at least a 0.01 isk sell order for just about anything and you lose more money than you make transporting it off for a better price

- never train Trade skills. SP wasted there lowers your dps

- patch day is the best day to buy new ships because you can get them when they’re brand new and everyone will say “wow, that ship is cool”

Now excuse me, I have an isk mountain to roll on.


  1. Well said in surely less words. Well done!

    1. Well it started as a comment on your blog but I liked it enough that I swiped it for a post here.

  2. Maybe Jester will defend himself by differentiating between market (hauling/station trading) blogs and industry (research/manufacturing)?

    edit: while typing this reply I looked at the latest comments and he does differentiate between the two. (http://jestertrek.blogspot.nl/2013/01/week-in-life-jumped-too-early.html?showComment=1358237109346)

  3. Word to the wise: you can't promote your RMT sites here even if it's on topic.

    It's also pointless: anyone smart enough to read Stabbed Up is also smart enough to buy plex from CCP or an authorised seller rather than cheat and get set isk negative.