Friday, 9 July 2010

WoW: Hurray, we won!

Nethaera just announced a U-turn on the issue of forcing customers to reveal real names in order to post on the forums.

Thanks to TAGN and Kotaku* for the heads up.

Good job, well done everyone! And fuck you Kotick.

There's still no way I will ever play a Blizzard game where my real name is on the account.

* no link available right now for Kotaku - their web page is too busy!


  1. I was really surprised they turned around so quickly on this.

  2. The way I figure it, Mike Morhaime grabbed Kotick by the head and forced him to stare at the epic 2500+ page long shit tsunami headed Blizzard's way until he backed off of this facebook-y bullshit he dreamed up. Kotick might have a head for business, but he has fuck-all in knowledge of this particular market.

    I honestly don't get Kotick at all. He's making a fortune from Blizzard and he goes and tries to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs with this silly-ass idea. I just cannot understand why these tin-god CEOs won't just sit back and let the money-printing machine work. So frustrating...

  3. Well they sit around all day thinking of ways to "monetise" the player base further. The sparkle pony was a success, there's no way they want to settle for a mere $15/month now.

  4. If I were running WoW, I'd be putting more useless crap into the item store every month. Or even slightly useful stuff. How about potions that give you the same benefit as the invite a friend program? Asinine and mercenary, but they would sell like hotcakes.