Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Eve: Introducing The Newbie's Best Friend

My best friend started playing Eve this week after years of reluctance. I would love him to stick with it this time and I happened across a wonderful ship fit.

I've taken him through much of what Eve offers - we invaded Providence with Hydra, we hunted pirates in low sec, and we've done level 4 missions with him chasing frigates for me.

What he likes most is doing his own missions and I came across an absolutely wonderful fit to play with him:

The Hoover

Punisher (Amarr Frigate)

Small Remote Armour Repairer
Small Energy Transfer Array I
2 Salvager Is

1 MN Afterburner I
Cap Recharger I

Small Armour Repairer I
2 Cap Power Relay Is
Biggest Armour plate that would fit in whatever's left

No rigs, no drones

You can use meta 1-2s instead of the vanilla modules. They are usually both cheaper and better.

It's underpowered and needs very low skills which makes it perfect for playing with a new person. After all he doesn't want to watch you kill things, he wants to be helped with his stuff.

It gives just enough healing to see a new person in a cruiser through some of the tougher level 2s like The Blockade.

I'm upgrading to an Exqueror in preparation for more challenging content but it's been a great ship to play with a friend who's just started. I loot and occasionally heal or give him energy, he kills. I even heal his drones sometimes. It softens the learning curve without simply overpowering it.


  1. Starting off in a Punisher with good fittings can be really nice. I used my Punisher for everything up to and finishing lvl 2 missions. It was only just last week when I started doing lvl 3's that I built a Battlecruiser and upgraded. But the punisher served me quite well being fast and quite agile. Mine I used all autocannons for weapons. Low slots had 2 armor hardeners, repair module, and can't remember name but module for more capacitor/power to the grid to support a diagnostic I think but can't remember. Always the option of your friend being in a salvage destroyer easy to learn and can help you salvage while running combat missions. Not too much skill to need to do.

  2. Kind of an odd fit, couldn't you just slap some of that on a coercer and have better salvagability? I guess the plate and rep are for in case he needs to evac out but if you are RRing him you should know already.

    Punisher is a good ship overall though, like Ardent I also use it a lot.