Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Blogger: comments problem

Some people have mentioned a problem with the comments here.

I found this solution:

Copy Paste problem on Blogger Solved
Being a newbie to Blogger, I was unable to cut and paste while creating a new post for my blog. I was further stumped when from a friends computer, she was able to cut and paste onto on my blog from her computer. I knew then that it must be something in my settings. After some trial and error I pulled up "create new post" and to the right of the "Title bar" I clicked on "Edit HTML" which was highlighted in white. As soon as I clicked the box the color changed to tan. I was then able to copy and paste with no problem.

and have applied the same fix.

Please let me know if anyone is still having problems.


  1. Testing testing.

    Yup, seems to be working fine!

    Now, where did I put all my WoW gold adverts...

  2. I did actually get an isk spammer here once.

    I'm afraid I deleted the post, sorry, didn't realise it was you!