Saturday, 5 September 2009

Eve: Failed with the Goons!

Somewhat to my amusement an attempt to join the Goons in Eve was met with scorn. My application to join their low key "accepts anyone" alliance was rejected and my forum account was put on probation for being a "horrible jerk".

Ah well, at least I have access to the Something Awful forums which are pretty lively. I am not allowed to post for 3 days and common sense suggests I avoid the games section of the forums to give some of the self-appointed school prefect types time to cool down.

Fortunately the Eve players don't seem to look anywhere else on the SA forums, at least the ones I ran afoul of.

The problem was they are status-obsessed. This does in retrospect make a lot of sense in a somewhat military style organisation like a game guild.

But going in and being cocky was totally unacceptable to them. They require you to be humble until you have earned your status.

Unfortunately it's a very common attitude in Eve. I tried a couple of place where being chatty intelligent and humorous got me labelled a "spy". Need to practice my bland-face if I want to join someone else's corp.

Another option of course is to form one's own corporation. That's something I'm considering along with a friend.


  1. "But going in and being cocky was totally unacceptable to them. They require you to be humble until you have earned your status."

    Is it just me, or is there a huge disconnect here? The goons used to be ALL about the cocky. Ah, how times change and become more bureaucratic.

    Or -- it's ok for me to be an arrogant jerk, but not for you. ;)

  2. @Ysharros: When you're an arrogant jerk, you're an arrogant jerk. When I'm an arrogant jerk I'm ironic and cool.

  3. EVE players call every noob and alt/spy and shoot him down or just play games with him. And then the corp leader or 2nd in command empties the corp hangar. :P

  4. The Goons labelling someone a horrible jerk?

    I think my mid slot irony-o-meter just overloaded.

  5. Stabs, either you are too bright for them or you must be really a terrible terrible jerk! :))

  6. Think military.

    The Sergeant Major is horrible. A new cadet being mouthy is completely unacceptable.

    It's no different from a minus fifty dkp WoW guild and certainly works a lot better than what Gevlon describes as "social".

    The difficulty I have is with acting humble in an online video game.