Saturday, 26 April 2014

Gentlemen's Disagreement

via Reddit

post from kespernorth and ceo of gents- It's time to talk about the elephant in the room. For various reasons, the core leadership of GENTS - the people I founded this alliance with - have had to step back and focus on their real lives. Lake, Nova, the Bloodtears and now Ryan have all had to drastically reduce their involvement in the game. This has led to there being only two really active execs, plus dribs and drabs of activity from me. We've stemmed the bleeding by appointing some new execs - Kinkouin and Kippig have been doing the best they can to manage the day-to-day business of the alliance - and by appointing new Distinguished Gentlemen, but in the end, someone has to provide vision and leadership. I haven't done an adequate job of that. As my real-life situation continues to grow more complicated - I expect to be starting a new job soon, among other things -  I've had to become less and less involved as well.
So I've made a hard decision. I've gone to The Mittani and let him know my assessment of my performance and the situation; we both agree that GENTS needs to go through a transition of leadership. We haven't worked out what shape that transformation is going to take yet; it's totally TBD. What is going to happen now is that, starting today, GSF's Corps Diplomatique is going to reach out to each of you corp CEOs and ask you where you want to go from here, whether that's staying in GENTS under new leadership or exploring options outside of the alliance.
Thank you all for your trust and hard work. This may be a busy time in the next few weeks as we determine our new direction, but with your talent and leadership I'm certain we will succeed in our new goals.

I must be the kiss of death or something. Recently I've gone to EMP, Black Legion then Gents all of whom suffered major trauma within a couple of months.

Fortunately I'm quite engrossed by other games at the moment. I'm playing The Elder Scrolls Online where I haven't got very far but I'm enjoying the early quests. I also really like the Diablo 3 expansion, especially the awesome Crusader class. And I keep my daily quests done in Hearthstone where I'm amassing gold in preparation for the new Adventure mini-expansion.

Ah Eve, my love, why must you keep floundering?


  1. Heh, you watch, your corp will get an invite into GSF. I will be jealous. I pretty much fly in their fleets for their FCs 90% of the time.

  2. Maybe we'll end up in the same alliance :)

  3. Had the same feeling in the past. Joined EMP - 2 months later it was gone. Good luck in whatever new comes.