Monday, 9 September 2013

SEDNA is recruiting

Our recruitment thread

Let me give interested players some idea of our military thoughts.

First, our pvp is opt-in and you can log on and mine while the rest of us are fleeted up off shooting people if that's your bag. Most people do choose to come because the fleets are really good fun and we don't pvp all the time so you're not likely to burn out.

As renters we don't really have a stake in sov war. If our region were to be invaded we'd probably go out shooting the neuts because they're neuts and because it's possible to get a lot of good kills around the fringes of other people's big fights. But we don't really have a horse in the race and if our current landlords lose sov we'll likely make overtures to the new owner.

We do have our own objectives and our own style of pvp. We want our players to be more than F1 monkeys.

Tuesdays is low sec frig pvp day. The idea is to jump clone to a staging point near Faction War and go murder people in plexes. Of course the main customers are other people looking to murder frigates in plexes so it's competitive, high skill, independent piloting pvp that gets people thinking about range control, traversal, ship manoeuvres etc.

MIND GAMES is the latest pvp video from STSLight, our frig-fighting expert.

Fridays is our roam night. Our CEO has run Friday night roams for years now and we've had some epic adventures. Probably battlecruisers.

I run some small fleets throughout the week. The focus is on fighting outnumbered so we're building our experience of using either nano or snipers or bombers to give us an edge against a larger force.

We're aiming to get most people into Dreads and to aggressively deploy them. This is a mid-term goal: 6 months to a year off. We'll lose a fair few dreads most likely getting good at that.

As a SEDNA pilot your first priority should be to secure your income stream. For most people that's ratting in anomalies and/or PI but we also have ice and mining etc. Once you are able to fund yourself your next priority should be to get involved in the low sec frigate pvp. The corp subsidises ships so it costs very little, it's fun, intense and very instructive.

After that we'll want you to fly the correct battlecruiser or tech 2 logi ships in our null sec roam doctrines. I've been fighting quite a ferocious battle against people's tendency to want to bring random ships - I had an oracle fleet yesterday where someone brought along a Geddon and got killed because he was fat and slow and went AH HA! So we will be trying to get you into the right ship with the right fit, basically keep your pvp ships separate and don't pvp in your ratter or hangar trash.

Once you're competent with a battlecruiser we'll want you to get up to speed with a bomber. Bombers are the ultimate ship for fighting out-numbered as even a very small number can make a big impact on a much larger foe.

After that we'd be looking to get you working towards cap ships : carriers and dreads. For most players saving for those will mean doing a lot of ratting, we'll still take you out pvping and want you to keep your edge but you should expect to run a lot of anoms.

By this stage your extensive pvp experience and our open discussions of tactics and issues should make you something of an expert. You'll be well-equipped to FC a small gang and we'll support you if you want to try that.

At some point the politics of our corp may change. We've gone from a ferociously active pvp corp in a large nullsec alliance to a very independent renter-based small gang pvp corp. Will we still be renters in 6 months? Well possibly not on our mains but the plan is to always keep this system for our ratters and PI and miners so we never have the horrible chore of moving again.

I would commend SEDNA to you because I think it's a really good balance between PVE and PVP. We're doing really well with pvp and the pve seems sorted. Living in the back end of nowhere we rarely see a neut.

We're looking for people who will talk to us on Teamspeak, get involved with our fleets and roams but doesn't feel a need for perfection or tryharding. Sometimes we'll all be ratting, half-afk watching a movie. We expect you to be self-critical, to be trying to improve, to be looking to be a skilful player. We hope that having you join our corp will cause you to enjoy the game more and will cause us to enjoy the game more.

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