Friday, 30 August 2013

Farewell to TEST

Dear Test

Gosh this is a hard post to write.

Dear Test Allaince

Gahh, that's still not it.

Dear, darling, Test

The topic came up a couple of weeks ago that if I ever had to choose between my corp and alliance it would be a really tough choice to make. It has and it is.

I've had an amazing time with Test, both as an ally in Aug-Dec last year and as a member of first Dawww then the alliance from Feb this year. Not only have I had the enormously enjoyable time of being a line member as we've created some of the most dramatic and exciting content nullsec has ever seen but you've been gracious enough to endure my bumbling development as a newbie fleet commander.

Now FCs famously have hide of Teflon and hearts of stone but I'll share a secret - inside we are, all of us, deeply aware of how privileged we are to be trusted with hours of other people's time in the quest for fun and victory. Thank you everyone who's come on one of my fleets, I've had a blast hurling you around the spaceways and we've got some pretty exciting kills. (Blowing up Vince Drakken's battleship in talwars then warping us all out just as his outraged alliance in blinged out ships was landing on grid to try to save him is right up there!)

My deepest memory of course is the laughter. So many utterly hilariously moments, from the day I took a newbro into a wormhole to rat in drakes, we got ganked, went back in and begged salvage rights off the w-guys then came out with a few precious nanoribbons and he said I"VE NEVER BEEN SO SCARED IN MY LIFE! To the recurrent drake jokes, the Kurator banter and so many golden moments.

It's farewell but please please do say hi if you see me about, even if - no, especially if - one of us blows each other up.

Take care and best wishes. And thank you so very much.


  1. So does your corp have a new Alliance in mind, don't tell me your going to EMP.
    EMP is looking like a small HBC at the minute.

    1. We're going to do stuff as a corp, probably a lot of small gang stuff in low sec, camping FW plexes in frigates.

      We're also renting a sleepy system in the middle of nowhere for our ratters.

  2. I'm also about to do the no alliance thing here soon I think. I wonder if this is the beginning of a new trend.