Monday, 12 August 2013

My day

I've actually found Eve really good fun today. (but don't tell Gevlon!)

I scouted my carrier to a beacon but a red logged in on the beacon while I alt tabbed, I landed on the beacon and got pointed by a RIOT stealth bomber. He cynoed in two dreads who sieged and began to melt me. He then released the point and I warped to an asteroid belt in low armour making two safes on the way, turned the bus round and warped back to the safes. No idea why he took his point off, bet he had fun explaining it to his buddies.

I FCed a convoy that hit a Boob wall in 1-Smeb, Me and some of the tankier dudes went in and wrecked bubbles while the others hid aligned in a safe. Killed Iwishiwasawookie in a dic and 2 large mobile IIs for the price of a condor and an ibis. Then got the rest through.

Did a 2 hour Silentmajority bombing fleet and killed a couple of pizza.

Got bombed by odell the multiboxer and lost a vexor.

I got to test out my headbutt doctrine idea doing a combat wing in a combo combat/convoy fleet that flew rings around RIOT in 6q- (I waited them out in RCI, they jumped in, we cross-jumped killed their broadsword and escaped for the loss of a couple of rather unwanted half-fit battleships. Convoy then went on to engage and kill kurator's bubbles again while nados sniped rather ineffectively and we got the convoy wing into warp the moment the last bubble went down, deaggressing and jumping into sakht and escaping (i was in structure).

Then did a convoy that got the rolls royce bridge treatment and sailed carefree into our new home while dozens of people in delve wondered where we were and if we were coming like a fat 15 year old on her first date.

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