Thursday, 23 May 2013

The battle to save Delve

It's been a tough week for the Rebellion. TEST's decision to isolate itself politically has spilled blood in the water and the sharks have turned up in numbers.

The vital system of 1-SMEB connects Delve with low sec. If lost it will allow the invading NC./PL forces to stage from there and to bridge more or less anywhere in Delve. Hence a huge push by the alliance to draw overwhelming numbers for tonight's big fight.

It's been a wonderful week to be a TEST pvper as you cannot go two jumps without finding a fight. Last night I formed up a fleet to kill an Initiative roam, got another option to kill a gate camp in Fountain - I think by Godfathers/Gang Bang Team - bumped into a cloaky Goon camp on the way who cloaked up and hid before seeing us (hello spies on our Mumble server!) then got convoed by a PL fc for a fight. And found out someone else had killed the INIT. roam.

I took the PL guy up on his offer and really enjoyed a talwar v talwar brawl. We killed 2 and lost 15 but we made a lot of mistakes, both me as FC and some pilots as individuals and while we had a few more ships than they did we had quite a few very new players who were outside shooting range for a lot of the fight. So I was pretty happy with that. 15-2 might sound like a bad scoreline but if you were a park football team playing Manchester United you'd be really happy with that score. (Not that TEST is a park football team per se, but the kind of player who comes to a destroyer roam run by a new FC tends to be new and inexperienced even relative to the rest of our comparatively new and inexperienced alliance).

I've been writing up some of my after action reports in an attempt to rehabilitate the Eve Official Corporation and Alliance Discussion forum which is sadly lacking in content these days.

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