Saturday, 11 May 2013

Rest in peace R76983

I'm deeply sorry to say that a member of our community by the name of Tony, who played Eve with TEST as R76983 passed away yesterday.

Best wishes to his family and loved ones, rest in peace.


  1. My condolences to you and his family

  2. Sad to hear whenever anyone in the community passes away. My Condolences to Tony and Family and all affected by his passing.

  3. Sorry for everyone's loss. Never an easy thing to handle.

    Not making light of the situation, but maybe you should organize a fleet roam or something in his honor. Get everyone that knew him into a fleet and if possible to fly the type of ship that he typically flew, go around pick some fights and honor him that way.

    Then you schedule the fleet roam in his honor once a year either on the anniversary date of his character or the date of the incident. Help him never be forgotten.

  4. hello val. my name is elizabeth and i am Tony`s mum (r76983).thankyou so much for your support,you have no idea how much it has helped me,i miss my son more than words can say,he was a fantastic son.he passed on 9th may and sudden adult death syndrome was the cause.i love your idea to honour your fallen and will look for it every year. thank you sooo much,i imagine him flying the galaxys with his mates. thank you

  5. Hello Val, my name is Elizabeth I am Tony`s mum (R76983).I love your idea to honour your fallen.I get real comfort from imagining my son flying the galaxys with his friends.The 9th May is the day we lost Tony from sudden adult death syndrome,life will never be the same. Once again from the bottom of a broken heart THANK YOU. Liz xx I will look for you all every year xx