Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Blogger commenting problems

I've been hearing that people have been having problems commenting. I've changed from embedded comments to full page, relaxed moderation for comments for older posts and allowed anonymous commenting.

Please let me know if you have any issues. cvorn@live.co.uk

That's my spam collecting email addy so I don't check it very often but I do usually skim the titles. Title your email BLOGGER COMMENT PROBLEM if you need to use it.


  1. That's like telling people that no-one has successfully hit the big red button on the wall.

    So here goes.

    Comment. Comment. Comment.

    Did it work?

  2. It was working fine for me but I like this way too. I wont use your email but I see we will be on the same server (UK).

    Can I send you an invite on Google+ (Markco is already there) so we can group even before we get the game?

    I opted for a brand-new identity both on blogs and social websites, so I could 100% separate my real life from gaming life.

    If you wish to meet us just register on G+ (I'll send an invite).

  3. @John works fine, thanks.

    @Loque I don't have a google+ identity. Sorry.

    I may look into it. Basically I don't want extra places where people will talk to me expecting me to see it if I'm not going to check them.

    I have a Facebook account I never check and rather wish I'd never made it. Occasionally someone will tell me they contacted me on facebook.

  4. That's why Google+ is different: you will be never spammed or get annoyed by people, because it works in a different way (compared to Facebook).

    If you decide to create an account drop me a mail to loque@loquenahak.net and I'll send you the invite.

    The way it works totally kills the " people will talk to me expecting me to see it if I'm not going to check them" effect.

  5. To be honest, I fell blogger is getting worse and worse. today I had this message when trying out their supposedly better interface-

    "Your browser is no longer supported by Blogger. Some parts of Blogger will not work and you may experience problems.
    If you are having problems, try Google Chrome."

    seriously? is google taking over everything now??

    more and more I am thinking I should switch to WP. I wish I had blogged there from the start. :(

  6. I guess if we have to move then so be it.

    I certainly wouldn't move to another google product though, especially not one that seems designed to collect marketing data.