Saturday, 23 April 2011

Rift: Serenity recruitment, EU Bloodiron (PVP)

Serenity is recruiting all levels. Our philosophy is that if you're enjoying the game and are low level then in due time you'll be 50. We aim to help you enjoy it.

Most of the active players are 50 and we can't promise that people will drop down to boost you in low level dungeons. However people do have alts so if you want a dungeon group just check guild chat as well as the other methods.

We're quite active in T1 and T2 Experts and we sometimes queue for warfronts as a group. Generally our groups do reasonably well in the warfronts although we're not some scary uber pre-made. We also enjoy world pvp.

We are a hybrid guild, both pvp and pve, and we encourage both types of activity.

We have one rule: treat guildies as friends. We like people who talk, who get involved, who find the fun. The minimum is that you remember that the players in the guild are people you should be considerate of.

At the time of posting we are level 8. Guild perks are +15% rewards from Experts, +9% favour, +6% coin from monsters, Planar Protection (awesome +30 resist all buff that costs 1 planar charge), Raid ress (only worth it for Rogues, anyone else should have a role with a ress on it), 3/3 Bloodthirsty (passive healing for pvp killers at 50g per hour), and a Banner that's not worth wasting a plat on until we've got a few more perk points invested.

We have 23 level 50s.

10 man raiding is on the horizon for us and will be starting very soon.

20 man raiding is several weeks off. However we're growing, we're enthusiastic, as long as people are enjoying Rift and enjoying Serenity we'll get there.

It's ok with us if you're a hardcore player wanting to move into T3 and leave. The only thing we ask is that you say bye, seeing XX has left the guild really sucks and will get you put on ignore. No one running a guild wants to feel like it's just a passive stat booster. (Fortunately it's no longer happening much).

We're lucky enough to have some very good players. We don't have the gear to start T3 but we've certainly got the skills. What's more we have the culture to improve - we don't blame (we do figure out what's gone wrong which is different!), we don't bail after a wipe, we are honest about our mistakes and learn from them. Guild groups are really fun, both in pvp and pve.

If you'd like to join contact: Holystabs, Stabsy, Shinata, Miaki or Jaija and ask for an invitation. If you were previously a member of Serenity but left you'll need a chat with Holystabs if you want to ask to join us again.

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