Thursday, 7 April 2011

Rift: The Hard to Kill Healer

As if my Purifiers weren't annoying enough I've since progressed on to an even nastier pvp healing build on my Rift Cleric.

Some things are hard to kill.

In pvp the Justicar/Sentinel/Templar rocks. You can turn it into a tank by casting Mien of Leadership. I much prefer to use Mien of Honour and be an AOE healer.

I've gone into the Justicar as far as Forced to Kneel which is possibly the best snare in the game. I've gone into Templar and Sentinel for all the passive AOE healing buffs I could see. This means if I so much as Light Bolt an opponent everyone around me gets a tiny heal through Reparation as well as
Protect the Flock = 5% less damage for 6 seconds
Reinforce = 6% less damage for 10 seconds (those stack -11% total)
Rolling with the punches = +10% damage bonus if under 50% health for 10 seconds
Celestial Bonds = 500 point shield on people who are Stunned, Rooted or Feared.

I can cast my nukes pretty much forever which keeps those buffs up almost all the time, as well as doing some small damage, some small aoe healing and charges up my Convictions.

I then use Healing Momentum and Doctrine of Loyalty to aoe heal my team when they need it. With my build Doctrine of loyalty gets -30% mana cost and +50% healing done because it's a doctrine as well as all sorts of bonuses because it's a heal. This pushes it ahead of the baseline Sentinel AOE heal, Healing Communion. It's simply not worth casting Healing Communion when the Doctrine heals the same average amount for far less mana, without the annoying range limitation and instant rather than a 2 second cast. Healing Momentum is a Templar root heal and it's really strong, especially when paired with the other deep Templar root ability which makes it crit and instant.

When I'm out of mana if there's an easy melee target I cast Purpose and whack them for 10 seconds. Otherwise I drink. It is quite a mana heavy build but I don't mind drinking to be an indestructible healing machine. It's only a few silver in exchange for a lot of favour - you really do have that much impact.

I don't have much for single target. Healing Breath is my main one for that or Reprieve on a long cooldown. My other single target heals are barely better to cast than a heal that hits up to 10 people so I don't really bother with them.

Righteous Mandate sends a trickle of healing to someone who matters to you - a friend or a Fang Carrier. It also allows you to give them a big heal with Reprieve.

The build gives me these personal defences (in addition to Protect the Flock, Reinforce and Celestial Bonds):
+40 Endurance buff
+5% spell power
Parry rating is increased by 195% of spell power
Block rating is increased by 30% of spell power
Damage reduced by 15%
+15% block when meleeing
+15% armour
-15% chance to be crit by players
-3% spell damage from players
+5 magic resist (all schools except physical)

I can also detaunt a single opponent so they do half damage to me for 15 seconds.

If I want to sacrifice healing power for defence I can add
+90% Endurance
+128% armour

And that doesn't include the damage reduction from players that I get from my pvp gear.

As I'm usually hiding at the back of the group doing ranged dps it's very rare to die with this build. It's also great support because of the root, if opponents run away from us, Forced to Kneel kills a player every 8 seconds. Sometimes it feels like steadying a rugby ball just before someone runs up and gives it an almighty great kick.

This ball is about to wish it hadn't rolled Defiant.

Apart from Humility, that wonderful snare-root and my favourite pvp skill, the build packs a silence and a lot of ranged nukes

Here's the spec.

Please note that you need level 50 and Prestige Rank 3 to make this build.

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