Saturday, 31 October 2009

Internet: Fry ponders leaving Twitter site

I was very sorry to read this link today and see that Stephen Fry has been upset by another Twitter user to such an extent he is thinking of never using it again.

He's a hero to a significant proportion of the MMO blogosphere. Tiger Ears describes meeting him with great affection. On Kiasa his site is listed under category "God".

Just in case anyone has missed his work here's a clip of him at his funniest: Hugh Laurie interviews Michael Jackson.

MMO players will need no introduction to the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory

People do behave more anti-socially and something I've observed is that they often define certain other people as there to serve them.

What can we do as internet users to raise the bar? Can peer pressure improve our virtual social spaces?

For myself what I sometimes find hardest is not that someone gives me verbal abuse but that no one else says anything. For example if I'm healing a pug group in a MMO and we wipe and some idiot starts berating me when it wasn't my fault I don't mind that he's an idiot. I mind that no one else speaks up, giving the impression that they agree.

Afterword: it ended amicably but the issues raised are valid ones.

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