Sunday, 28 February 2016

AAR: Eve London

I successfully deployed to the Weatherspoon's pub in central London for the Eve Meet yesterday where I met corp mate Heathen Blackguard. He does, in fact, look somewhat like one would imagine a heathen blackguard to look like, fortunately he took the night off from holding up stagecoaches or whatever he does in his regular life to drink me under the table instead.
It was a quieter turn out than usual, one of the oldest Eve Meets it's been eclipsed by louder showier rivals but it's still a fun place to go talk about Eve. There's always a mix of Eve players, some quite casual, some famous FCs or alliance leaders. I met Rocket X, Suas and Sort Dragon who are all pretty high profile. I also met Omega from PL who was really nice and got to have some real talk about what might await me if I eventually get into PL and try to run fleets. It didn't put me off but it did prepare me for what would probably be a tough landing for a new FC to that alliance. There was a drawing competition and a guy from Rim C won himself a Rhea by drawing one. I also met Tibs again from Eve NT who I know from previous Eve Londons, he's so genial he's always a pleasure to chat to. I briefly met the CEO of Bovril Borers but I didn't get a chance to chat to him, people kept distracting me with alcohol.
I also met a CCP dev but didn't catch his name. I did appreciate his laid back humour, I guess working at CCP and dealing with all of us nerds hones a sense of humour.
I was introduced to a concoction called "POS fuel" which is served in a bucket and looks like sewer water. But hey, it's got Pernod in it so it can't be bad right? Hmmm, not sure about that one.

One of the more entertaining moments of the evening was watching Omega trying to explain entosis to Suas while Sort Dragon interrupted every couple of minutes with an obscure (and possibly wrong) correction. Apparently once the beer glass has been entosised salt and pepper pots magically appear throughout the constellation and then something something.

There will be another one in about 6 months or so so.

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