Monday, 25 January 2016

Eve is NOT a "storytelling experiment."

It's less an MMO than a storytelling experiment conducted between CCP and its fanbase. A shared universe of complex political and economic factors; where intrigue and betrayal can spark seismic shifts in the power structure of its major players. Aside from the regularly-updated systems and in-game actions, EVE is an MMO about people, to the point that its most famous player—The Mittani—isn't technically a player. But while he doesn't log into the client and play the game, he does play the game, mobilising his forces in a way that is entirely in keeping with the spirit of the unique, anything-goes possibility space that CCP has created. 

Source: PC Gamer 

I'm going to call bullshit.

Eve is a game. We play it. Gevlon does his trading, I do my fleet pvp, Mike drives around in his bus giving frigates to rookies. Noizy flies around the pirate-infested belts of low sec stealing ore out from under the noses of Eve's most ruthless while Sugar keeps those criminals supplied with ammo and exotic dancers. Meanwhile beyond the edge of nowhere Tur is doing unguessable things in unfindable space.

The idea that the metagame is more important than the game is bullshit and simply doesn't represent the experience of the vast majority of players, many of whom don't even notice the metagame. It's an idea that journalists get because they're lazy and unprofessional and simply parrot The Mittani who schmoozes around professional media like a 16 year old fangirl trying to get an Adele backstage pass.

It's an unhealthy attitude because the direction of the game is being steered by people who don't really play it.

Let's make 2016 the year that the real players take back Eve. Vote in the CSM for someone who will be effective. Leave alliances where you're just following the path of least resistance and go find yourselves a challenge. Experiment with new things to do and make new friends.

Eve is a great game. More than that it's a great MMO where all of our actions affect everyone else.

Go play it!


  1. If you vote at all, you vote for The Mittani. Every vote increases the relevance of the CSM and Goons will keep abusing it. If you vote in a really good candidate, he'll be like Sugar was: works tirelessly, just to be sidelined and ignored.

    1. I am pretty sure Sugar has been able to push forward stuff that mattered for her constituency.

      Sion got sidelined publicly with his idea of CSM controlled focus group, when CCP took those out of their hands, so even if the potential for abuse is there, trying to abuse the CSM does not always work in goons' favor, especially lately.

      We also know representatives do not even need to interact with the other CSM members, thus possibly bypassing null sec's representatives entirely, to voice their opinions directly via Confluence to CCP.

      Overall, I null sec power blocks have more control on the election themselves to install puppet candidates or trolls to water down the votes toward alternative candidates, than they have control over the CSM themselves, once it is in session. It may be that some in CCP are more inclined to listen to goons because of established personal relationships, but this is difficult to gauge exactly.

      Of course, if all of the elected candidates were all exclusively null sec's candidates, or strictly goons, then your point would be very valid.

  2. I'm sorry but the article you quoted doesn't state what you says it states. Which is: "The idea that the metagame is more important than the game is bullshit and simply doesn't represent the experience of the vast majority of players, many of whom don't even notice the metagame." The article doesn't say that all or suggest that either. It just simply implies that there are many ways to play Eve including from outside the client which I agree. I think you're reading a little too much in the article or perhaps you're disparately trying to find a reason to slam the Mittani. Either situation, you need to slow down and reread the article and interpret it correctly.

    1. There's connotation, then denotation. None of the examples of "playing" given are about actually interacting with the programming. If the game itself is so useless and Eve is truly about story only, why does CCP pay developers?

      It's one thing to say the story infuses your actions with a narrative energy. It's another to say the game is purely about the story. You're a part of the story, and the way you play is integral to it.

      Eve's about both levels, but this article certainly diminishes the one in favor of the other.

  3. As Carbon Scout said, I am not sure they are saying anything more than player stories are more important in EVE than any quest chain or storyline that CCP has concocted. Yes, they pointed at The Mittani, but who should they have pointed at? (Also, The Mittani's kill board stats indicate that he does actually log in and even undocks now and again.)

    Following on that, I am unclear as to how we could elect a CSM that mattered one iota. The CSM is CCP's creation and has exactly as much power as CCP allows it at any given moment. The CSM cannot matter unless CCP allows it. I am not sure the CSM could even manage the rebellion of CSM6 any more. CCP has gotten over any squeamishness about dismissing people from the body.

    But still, I am curious; what does your CSM that matters election slate look like?