Saturday, 27 June 2015

AAR: Strat op EWar 2015.06.26 The Battle of 1-5GBW

I volunteered to do the ewar fleet today alongside Blue Ice's Eagles and Tengus and Scythian Painspike's Bombers. We had been banging the drums for a big form up - no less than a Supercapital Ship Assembly Array was at stake here.

One of me newbros rather plaintively told me that he only had an Atron and could he bring that. Sure he could, I said and fiendishly made him my scout. His confidence wasn't improved by someone explaining that it meant he would be committing suicide on our behalf.

He did a great job and we arrived in system without incident and set up bookmarks all around the POS. Then we just chilled out there and waited.

And waited.

I had someone reporting intel to me as our main fleet engaged on the F-88 but it sounded like caps. After a while I was told there were Legions there too. I keyed up on Global to ask whether they wanted the Ewar fleet there and I think things got a bit flustered as they realised they'd forgotten about us and wanted us there 10 minutes ago.

We had some fun and games trying to position but eventually BL solved it for us by warping their Dreads to the pos we were desperately trying to rep up in time.

Main fleet warped there and then my ewar fleet got there too.

I kept us out a bit waiting to assess what BL had. Dreads close to the pos, a legion fleet covering them.

I put us about 100km off but people were complaining about not being able to target so I burned us in a bit closer. We got a solid 5 minutes of disruption but then we got a bit too close (70km-ish) and the mighty half a billion isk strategic cruisers decided they were fed up of having their fun ruined by T1 frigs costing about 1 mill each.

I made 2 mistakes. I took us in too close and I didn't have my crucifiers on watch list. I asked if they were ok, couple of minutes later I asked if they were ok again, still ok. couple of minutes later asked if they were ok - all dead. I should have used my watch list to help me realise I needed to warp out and reposition.

Bovril had very kindly provided us with 1000 frigates to reship into. Unfortunately the wires must have got a bit crossed because they weren't fit and they weren't crucifiers. Still people cheerfully grabbed them and went back in for another go. Not long after we discovered that F-88 was clear and we could shop there for actual modules, significantly improving the efficacy of our ships.

About that time I was asked to supply some webbing frigates to Blue Ice's fleet and as I only had 38 people and all the Crucis were dead I just told everyone to move over to his fleet and web his primaries.

I refitted my svipul to ecm burst and web and rushed to say hello to my friends in BL but they didn't appreciate being ecm bursted so I found myself in a pod.

I was told there were no Crucifiers in the restock ships but then I happened to find one among the 4 ships I scrounged so I gave that a whirl. I just put 3 targeting range scripts in, a mwd and 3 tds. I then tried simply keeping at range 135km on the legions as I think their max range is 110km or so. It worked like a charm so I'll definitely be looking to do that next time I run ewar.

Now earlier on I had suggested to my guys that they should td Baki Yuku, an old friend of mine with ginormous wallet and a notoriously bad temper, and ask him for 10 million isk to get them to transfer the tds to someone else. He seems to have taken it poorly and apparently many newbros were told to "F*** Off Scrub" then blocked. :(

As I was sitting in my cruci tding Baki and some of the others I had a variation on that idea.

[16:12:52] Callduron > hi
[16:12:54] [redacted] > Damn you. :P
[16:13:01] Callduron > for 10m I'll put it on Baki instead
[16:13:40] [redacted] > Really? Ha! :P
[16:14:01] Callduron > it's a bargain tbh
[16:15:18] [redacted] > Done. ^
[16:15:20] [redacted] > HAHAH!
[16:15:40] Callduron > pleasure doing business :)
[16:15:48] [redacted] > Are you not Fcing?
[16:16:04] Callduron > i was fcing the ewar guys but most of them are dead so we merged
[16:16:18] [redacted] > I see.
[16:16:25] Callduron > overheating triple td on baki
[16:17:13] Callduron > ha ha he broke anchor to try to get in range of me <3 p="">
 [16:17:20] Callduron > give him my love on comms
[16:17:23] [redacted] > ^
[16:17:28] [redacted] > I will after the fleet. :P
[16:17:37] [redacted]> Going to be a while. This is. :P
[16:25:28] [redacted]> GF ^

So guys new strategy for next time - td everyone who isn't Baki and offer to move it to Baki for a reasonable fee.

After the fleet I found this in my mailbox:

From: [redacted]
Sent: 2015.06.26 16:11
To: Callduron,
Hi you are probably busy with the op, just wanted to let you know that youve been nothing but great today. This was my first time ever flying with anybody else and I had a great time. I think I know now what up and down means... and that I should warp to a perch and not into a bubble of death.
Thanks again for pulling me in that way. You are great :)

Makes it all worth while.

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