Sunday, 4 January 2015

MTGO: Now this is a play!

I got a weird card in my latest Sealed Deck set, one of those cards where there are a lot of rules on it but they don't seem to make a lot of sense.

Well whatever, it was a 4/4 which is a solid side of beef so I tossed it into the deck.

Subconsciously my mind was nagging away at all that verbiage and then it hit me! Eureka!

What the card really means is: gain a +1 counter for each card you Delve.

Let me backtrack. Delve is a core mechanic for the current Magic expansion, a way of powering spells using trash in your graveyard instead of valuable mana. I had several really good cards which used Delve.

So we had one creature each, both the same size, then this happened:

This guy attacked:

That's a lot of words to say +1 per card delved.

This guy blocked him.

Then I cast this, using a card from the graveyard, giving my guy +1/+1 permanently plus +6/+6 temporarily.

So instead of trading creatures my 11/11 ate his poor monkey for breakfast.

After the fight I dropped this guy, for a permanent 11/11

I love this game!

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