Wednesday 5 November 2014

Jumping is hard now.

FC: is anyone not clear to jump?

[20:51:18] BuffFresh > x
[20:51:19] Althurus Vendrius > x
[20:51:20] Odin Valknir > x 3hrs
[20:51:24] Jelle K > x
[20:51:24] Krestianin > x
[20:51:27] THE PROPHIT > X
[20:51:32] Minchurra > the red one you mouthbreathers
[20:51:32] Hirotakimora > the timeeerrrrr
[20:51:33] Julia Starling > the orange one
[20:51:33] Odin Valknir > yes thats reactivation timer
[20:51:38] Odin Valknir > YES THATS THE ORANGE ONE
[20:51:44] Raven Seer > rip
[20:51:48] Zen'ya Zoku > o7
[20:51:51] Odin Valknir > my blue is 23hrs
[20:51:55] Havoc Faux Amatin > why is ccp making us math hard
[20:52:14] h4kun4 > they wanna make eve a geek game again
[20:52:18] JohnyRingo > Odin Valknir you need a break lol
[20:52:30] h4kun4 > ohwait
[20:52:35] JohnyRingo > cuz its gonna go up now..ways up
[20:52:53] Odin Valknir > i cant jump till the orange timer goes away anyway
[20:52:58] Odin Valknir > so i may as well drop from fleet
[20:53:03] Adrie Atticus > hide in the tower
[20:53:16] Odin Valknir > my orange timer is 3hrs so lol


  1. This, this and THIS!
    Funny how the main mantra from the Summer of Rage was all about FiS... Flying in Space... the players should actually be Flying IN Space, not jumping past it...

    h4kun4 has the right of it... they wanna make eve a geek game again Good.

    1. It's great, we were chasing an ishtar gang in Megas and apocs using titan bridges. We left small pockets of stranded battleships all over Vale. We're going to have to rethink some things.

      I love it.

  2. How is this going to work with TiDi?

    1. I believe it decays in real time, ie not affected by tidi at all.

    2. I doubt the cool down will be unaffected by the TiDi, but the fatigue... I could see it being seen as logical that it is unaffected.

  3. Hilarious, thanks for sharing.

  4. What about those that has limited play time ? Ccp really need to rethink this