Wednesday, 1 October 2014

So Someone Tied Lead Weights To The Bottom Of All The Carriers...

(Internal post I thought might interest the rest of you: )

Carrier jump range reduced to 5 LY  with perfect skills and a cooldown timer on chain jumps.

I actually rather like this but of course it has big implications for our alliance.

First rapid pangalactic deployment needs to be reassessed. We may need to deploy to Delve by flying to Delve in interceptors then using local resources rather than bringing a carrier full of ships each. Effectively JF's may take over the strategic role of Carriers with an expectation that people defending a broad space (like Vale to Delve) will need to have ship stashes at multiple locations.

Next we are now a real flank. We are right bang next to PL/NC. space and the rest of the CFC can't get caps here fast. So our flank, consisting of Razor, us and Co2 gains tremendous strategic significance. We must be a rock, a real bastion.

And here's why I like it - the challenge, the danger. We really could lose all our space if we are asleep at the wheel the way the old Northern Coalition did. We can;t count on a massive blob to save us.

At the same time it's a real chance to shine. If we can be the rapid deployment alliance that we've always aspired to be and which we've achieved so successfully in the past then we can show the rest of the CFC and the rest of Eve how amazing we are.

It's game on. This is CCP's attempt to make holding an empire that's an entire side of the map big impossible. CCP's attempt to break our coalition.

Challenge accepted.


  1. 5 Light Years, not AU. Otherwise you would not be able to jump a capital out of any system.

  2. So yer not a them who wants CCP to add strategically located regions of NPC null (with their std "Indestructible Stations") through out SOV null, so y'all (and the CFC et al) can SAFELY store, stage and forward base Capitol and Titan fleets all over null thereby mitigating these Titian bridge changes?

    You know, the changes called for in Das Mittens and Company's the "Null Deal"?...

    1. My take on the null deal, as I said at the time, was that it was more notable what was missing rather than what was there.

      It seemed on the face of it to be a proposal to "fix sov" without nerfing power projection.

      Obviously if that was the case then events overtook it rather dramatically.

      What's underlying this is should and can CCP break up the big coalitions. Our view in the CFC is that they may try to but we'll adapt and overcome.

    2. You need blues and coalitions even more after this change. You want to move that JF through blue or NPC space.

  3. Plan as you wish, the Evil that is behind your moves will be destroyed by the forces of the Light!

    Without the blob with the mark of Evil on their ships to save you, holy groups like BL, MoA, PASTA and Tri can have local (super)capital superiority and smash your ragtag crew of slaves.

    Repent and you might save your Soul! (no way you're going to save your ships)

    1. This is actually what I really want as a FC. An attempt by CCP to make Coalitions not viable which will lead to us clinging desperately to our space against an armada of foes.

      Bring em on!

  4. No massive blob you save you? Well perhaps not for for the first timer, but I am pretty sure you won't have to deal with that second or third timer by yourself.

    More indestructable NPC stations for safe stashing of stuff. And titan/super docking to switch to travel alts quickly please :)
    Reactions I have heard so far are positive (going by local chat and blogs and discounting the one forum thread)

    1. Well it's still the CFC. We can certainly deploy without using caps and 3000 subcaps is nothing to laugh off.

      Reactions are 50/50 in my alliance with some people gloomy and some quite excited.