Saturday, 4 January 2014

TEST's desperate foothold on sov space

"Troll sov" or a triumphant return to nullsec?

EMP/Test formed a huge armada to contest the timer. At one point Local in our staging system was 444, low by old Test standards but excellent for modern EMP and TEST. One of our military directors spent the day pinging jabber every hour with 4 hours to go, 3 hours to go, 2 hours to go, etc.

The system we took on New Year's Day had been pushed into reinforced by the combined forces of the CFC and Black Legion. The CFC has sig group European Goonion, and alliances Co2 and Gents up here to attempt to contain us. All told that's a pretty sizeable force, especially in the light of claims that they'd just ignore this intrusion and stay focused on the big fleet fights in the South againt N3 and Pandemic Legion.

The TEMP coalition as it's starting to be called seems to be outmatching the CFC while having issues with Black Legion. Black Legion uses high mobility long range doctrines with great skill and they've often been enough to force much bigger fleets off the field

So it's shaping up to be a very interesting front.

Tonight after forming up we sat waiting on the titan for a long time. We were expecting the CFC to come in and attack the ihub when it came out of but they weren't prepared for the numbers we formed. Capitals went in and repaired the ihub while we waited on standby.

Having not been needed our FC decided to take the fleet somewhere to do something rather than just stand us down so we went to the gateway system of P3EN where we killed a defensive Sovereignty Blockade Unit. However our logistics people didn't manage to get a new one anchored so Gents managed to get a new one put in. A daring dash by an interceptor group to attempt to steal it before it came online was unsuccessful.

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