Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Eve: Beware of the pizza

TEST gets routinely harassed by an alliance called Confederation of Pizza which I think might be the Eve guild of the 4chan forums.

These chaps managed to insert a character called Papajohn Dominos into an HBC corp where he proceeded to awox (that is kill friendlies). It was a flawless infiltration with no one suspecting he might be a member of the enemy alliance.

He killed a tengu, a paladin and a crane worth a total of 1.5 billion isk.

The director who recruited him had this to say:

God if I'd known papajohns was a pizza shop 

Well played, Pizza!
Update: having been kicked (for awoxing), I'm delighted to say he's successfully applied to another corp in the HBC. He is currently a card-carrying member of Unclaimed Well played sir! Will check his killboard later with interest.

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