Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Eve: Wormhole integrity

D Scan, D Scan, D Scan - that's all any newbie here's about starting wormhole play. You're not safe unless you constantly mash D Scan.

I'm challenging this perceived wisdom.

Firstly because you're not safe if you DO mash D Scan. Tiger Ears who is a wormhole fox explains it far better than a wormhole rabbit like me ever could. He knows you guys D Scan and he allows for it and doesn't show you anything to see until he lands on grid.

Next because there's a superior alternative, at least there is for a low traffic wormhole like the one I live in.

I live in a Class 1 with a static to null. Most of the time there's no K162s into my hole. The only way other people can be in my hole most of the time then is if they live there, they overnight there or a new K162 opens or if I or someone else who lives in the hole warps to the static or some other native wormhole.

We can pretty much discount the first two. No one else lives there and if they did I'd detect something when I scan (the first action any wormholer does when starting play). People will only overnight in a class 1 if they have a special grudge against the owner or if I just get incredibly unlucky, like someone was exploring and lost connection and couldn't get back on. In 8 months neither of those things have happened.

So, realistically, the danger to me is K162s. Which are scannable. 100% scannable with a DSP. No hunter's guile can mask the approach of a K162, if I hit the Analyse button I will get a real time update about whether my hole is safe.

Is it safe? Yes. no way in, no gankers. They can't gank you if they aren't there.

So for people who live in wormholes try seeing your hole as either Red or Green. Red means there's a connection to somewhere else so you should be out in pvp ships hunting people who don't read Stabbed Up. Green means there's no way in so mine, gas harvest and rat while one of you checks the system with a 256 AU dsp a couple of times a minute (done very conveniently with an alt account on a second computer).

This technique relies on people not warping to wormholes. If you warp to a wormhole to read the Show Info you create the K162 on the other side and breach hole integrity even if you don't jump through.

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