Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Eve Online: Mittani launches Eve fan site

The Mittani, former Chair of the Eve player council and leader of the Goons, one of its largest alliances, has launched a new website.

It looks like the site aims to challenge the popular Eve News 24 for coverage of current affairs in the game. (Which isn't surprising as Eve News 24 owner Riverini is noted for an anti-Goons bias). It also includes Mittani's Ten Ton Hammer articles no doubt through some legal sleight of hand where they weren't quite copyright to that site. Amusingly the new site has launched with a page of ferocious legalese - no young upstart's going to contribute to this site and be able to walk away with their writing!

Snark aside, it's a beautifully designed site, one of the only fansites, if not the only fansite that's on a parr with CCP's elegant webpages. He also reviews books including one of my favourites - Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely. The books show an interest in leadership and psychology although surprisingly The Prince isn't there nor is The Art of War.

I'm sure the site will become part of Eve's complex and murky metagame. After all the recent controversial and game-changing technetium cartel was sparked from a casual tweet by Mittens, imagine the impact he will have as one of the leading interpreters of Eve reality.

It remains to be seen whether this will become a Fox News style travesty of journalism or an earnest well-considered source of otherwise unobtainable information but whatever the level of truthfulness I'm sure the site will be very entertaining. Worth bookmarking if you are interested in Eve.

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