Saturday, 8 October 2011

Eve Online: Game down, evegate down

Navigating to Eve's official forums gets you this message:

We were ganked

We'll counter-attack as soon as
we properly outnumber them


Attempting to log into the game gets you this message:


Proxy not connected to sol servers

I assume sol means shit outta luck. Good to see fanatical nerds everywhere are still raging at CCP. For one moment I thought all might have been forgiven.


  1. Because it's EVE, should we applaud this as player created content? :)

  2. Actually the server JUST crashed again a minute ago as i got booted from the server. You could tell it was crashing as everything slowed down including any retrieving of info looking up stuff in game, including markets.

    Was on earlier when it crashed the first time trying to dock at a station. Lost all the wreckage from a huge mission i was about to salvage, including some T2 drones which had no idea how lost them. Had them while docking while the game was slowed down.

    Seem likely will be a weekend of server crashed. CCP must have bought some cheap new servers.

  3. All is well now. The servers came back online.

    I even managed to kill 2 drakes in our wormhole this evening! That's a clear victory.

  4. Server crashed today about 5 mins before downtime. Excellence i say! Wonder when the next one will happen today.