Friday, 27 May 2011

Rift: cleric best in slot dps/healing lesser planar essences

This is the stat weighting I use for evaluating cleric items:

Int = 0.75 (based on sp and sc value, ignoring mana)
Wis = 1.0 (sp with an extra 0.25 added for the mana regen which I'm a fan of)
Spell Power = 1.0
Spell Crit = 0.5

These are the lesser planar essences with a value in my weighting system over 30.

Burning Wisdom 35
Corrupted Growth 32.5
Dark Growth 35.25
Dark Rites 35.25
Deep Knowledge 33.75
Falling Firestone 33.75
Flowing Power 33
Focused Heat 31.5
Grave Knowledge 33.5
Knowing Seeds 33.75
Last Rites 35
Lively Spark 35.5
Living Hunt 34.75
Living River 35.25
Mystic River 34.75
Northern Winds 33.75
Oceanic Force 34.5
Pyro Spark 33.75
Radiant Inferno 34.75
Seeing Stone 33.5
Southern Winds 34.75
Spectral Hunt 34.75
Spirit Noise 34
Static Buildup 34.25
Tidal Wisdom 35.25
Timeless Sands 34.5
Timeless Watcher 34.5
Wisdom Roots 35

Source: ZAM database search on level 50 epic essences with Wisdom > 1

The top 5 are:

Lively Spark 35.5
Dark Rites 35.25
Dark Growth 35.25
Living River 35.25
Tidal Wisdom 35.25

The top item, Lively Spark is not unique and is bought from the Fire planar vendor in Sanctum or Meridian. So to get full best in slot lesser planar essences just run the daily raid rift quest over and over.


  1. Lively Spark now seems to be a unique equip. Is this a recent change?

  2. I'm not sure Szath. I think I had more than one at one stage, I might be mistaken.

  3. Add Sublime Glittering Brimstone to the list. Phase 6 event in Carnival of the Ascended

    Int: 12
    Wis: 26
    SP: 17
    Fire resist: 19