Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Rift: Kill the dude with the thing

It seems appropriate to resurrect a classic post by Fargo:

This explains concisely everything you need to know about Black Garden and Whitefall Steppes.

Here's some other information that might be helpful:

Quick guide to opponents:

Dude with the thing: priority target. Even if he is being healed still the priority target, cc healers if poss.

otherwise look at the bars.

Green + yellow = warrior, probably riftblade. Liable to run into the middle of 5 of you which is a good time to kill him. Do not attempt to solo.

Green + mauve = rogue. Squishy unless Bards. Bards have hundreds of feminine looking buffs on their buff bar and fart out musical notes. Nuke with extreme prejudice if it's not a bard, ignore unless you have 3+ if Bard.

Green + blue in girly dress - mage. Provided by Trion to give people who think they're cleverer than everyone else a chance to theorycraft. Collect your free kill.

Green + blue in armour. Cleric. Go fight somewhere else unless it's the dude with the thing.


  1. The next time I'm losing in Black Garden because my team mates are off diddling with some Ranger while a mage stands in the center racking up 6 points a second I am definitely going to yell

    'Kill the dude with the thing'!