Friday, 4 June 2010

WoW: is it like McDonalds?

I know it’s popular to compare WoW with McDonald’s but I think a better comparison is Elvis.

When Elvis sprang to the attention of popular culture it utterly transformed rock music. Of course the old time MUD players insisted it was nothing new, that old black guys had been playing those tunes in smoky bars for decades. The lovers of classical MMOs insisted it wasn’t really music, just trash for the culturally naive. And everyone accused Elvis the Pelvis of immoral techniques like instancing and soloability.

In 50 years time people will look back at McDonalds and think why was that ever popular. But they’ll look back at WoW and think that was truly great.


  1. Furthermore, my mother hates WoW and Elvis. Coincidence? I think not.

  2. Does she have a favourite MMO?

  3. Gardening outside. It's a sandbox game.

  4. Tried it once, got ganked by weeds.

  5. I recall, back in the day, people said WoW was the Britney Spears of MMOs.

    The other week, I saw someone post on a forum that WoW was the Justin Bieber of MMOs.

    I found it very telling that as these disposable pop idols come and go, people need to keep changing their insulting comparisons. But WoW keeps on enduring.