Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Eve Online: The North will rise again!

Exciting times in H-W. It seems this battle is the key to the NC-SC conflict.

I'm quite sure that Pandemic Legion's guerilla actions in Delve helped spur the South into action but a lot of planning and preparation has gone into this assault.

IT and friends absolutely dominated in AU and EU times and held their own last night in US time. The clock is ticking for the key station in H-W, if this siege is successful then a significant part of the North's assets will be lost.

It seems that right now the battle is turning.

We hold the field and finally managed to secure the station so that pilots trapped there can undock. At least 100 pilots were trapped, possibly nearer 200. All the ones who have been online in the last couple of hours have got out now.

We've cleared the warp disruption bubbles from the D7 gate making it easier for us to get people in. They were ROL so I imagine the Russians will put them back up tomorrow.

We're busy destroying Southern assets. There are about 35 Reds trapped in one of their POSes with a large angry mob outside. We have a load of battleships shooting it and are "rapecaging" it. This charming term means putting warp disruption bubbles all around it to make it hard to escape from, like a do-it-yourself gate camp. 924 in local of which 255 are hostile. 176 ships killed in the last 3 hours according to Dotlan and it's been like that all day. If industrialists want to make a killing sell pvp gear near Tribute, especially ammo.

The North hold the field!

Whether we can do enough damage to break the siege tonight I don't know. It seems to take a lot of shooting and many people are running out of ammo. The station says REINFORCED 20h 45 m. I think that means they can start shooting it again at 22.20 Eve time. That's a time when both Americans and Europeans naturally play Eve so it could be very hectic tomorrow evening.

I've had a fun night shooting both ships and the bubbles. I had planned to get sent home by now so I could resume learning at an implant-enhanced pace but I've accidentally and rather unexpectedly survived. Haven't got a killing blow though, I think there's a finesse there that masters of kill-stealing have and I currently lack. Still it's tremendously exciting and not all that laggy for me. Other people have complained of not being able to load though.

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